Portfolio > The Turn of the Screw

Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher
From the story by Henry James
Directed by Michael Barakiva

Scenic Design By Shoko Kambra
Lighting Design By Thomas C. Hase

Syracuse Stage
*Performed in the reconfigured Storch Theatre
Syracuse, NY

Set in 1872 at a remote English estate, The Turn of the Screw never answers the question: Are the ghosts real, or are they the products of the Governess’ repressed imagination? In his program notes, Adaptor Jeffrey Hatcher states that preserving this ambiguity was part of his intent.

"The play is about fear and how fear seduces us," said Director Michael Barakiva. "The audience's imagination is like a character in the play, which pushes us to investigate what we imagine and that which is unimaginable."